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Code of Ethics

Fellowship Prairies Code of Ethics (April 2012)

Those Ministry Staff called to minister within Fellowship Prairies will strive to serve their community effectively by maintaining an exemplary personal and ministry lifestyle with standards of morality consistent with Scripture.

The Fellowship Prairies family of churches is committed to integrity in all areas of life. The relationships within our community of individuals, churches and organizations are to be biblical and thus positive, supportive and nurtured in an atmosphere of trust and care.

This covenant is a solemn pledge whereby individuals, churches and organizations place themselves under an obligation to God.  Each individual who accepts responsibility as a leader within Fellowship Prairies sincerely embraces this covenant, while recognizing that any covenant cannot capture our full ethical responsibilities to God.  The Scriptures alone are sufficient for that.


By faith I will strive to guard my personal quiet time with my Lord and to walk in obedience to Him. I will seek to fulfill my duty to my congregation as one who must give account to God (Romans 14:12).  By the power of the Holy Spirit I will seek to be the Ministry Staff member God has called me to be.


I will seek to fulfill my duties to my family, namely: to be faithfully loving to my spouse; to love, discipline and care for our children; to be gentle with my family; and to provide for my family. I subscribe to the biblical position of a heterosexual marriage: one man and one woman united for life.  I renounce and reject any sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage, including all forms of sexual deviation, such as but not limited to adultery, homosexuality, incest, child abuse and pornography.


I will seek to carry out my ministry responsibilities in the light of 2 Timothy 4:1-2, & 2:2, namely: to preach the Word; to be prepared at all times; to correct, rebuke, and encourage; to exercise patience; and to equip the saints for the work of ministry.  I will keep my study habits and research honorable and above reproach.  I will not plagiarize another person’s work.

If my doctrinal convictions or practices should change in the process of time so that, despite and after prayerful study and discussion with both church and Regional leadership, my settled position continues to differ from my church’s doctrinal statement, I will notify my church through my resignation.  With this resignation I will conclude my pastoral ministry with members of my former church. I will not initiate contact with members of my former church for the purpose of pastoral direction or to influence those under the pastoral care of my successor.  I will not take or use resources or assets that belong to my former church.


I will seek to maintain a good reputation in the community as encouraged in 1 Timothy 3:7, 14 and 15.  I will fulfill all my financial obligations; obey government laws and regulations not contrary to Scripture; and seek to contribute to the life and welfare of the community.  I will seek to be a person of integrity (Romans 12:17) in all my dealings with others, being above reproach in personal morals and in my relationships with both men and women.


Because the church I serve is affiliated with the Fellowship Prairies Region of the Fellowship, I will participate wholeheartedly in the life of the Region and the Fellowship.  This includes praying for God’s blessing on its life, witness, ministry and growth and encouraging my church to participate in the various outreach ministries of the Fellowship regionally, nationally and internationally.

If my doctrinal convictions should change in the process of time so that, despite and after prayerful study and discussion with both church, Regional leadership and/or National leadership, my settled position continues to conflict with the Fellowship Statement of Faith, I will notify the church through my resignation.

Should I leave for any reason and consider entering another ministry within the immediate area of the city, town or community of the church I am leaving, I shall only do so with the blessing of the Fellowship Prairies Leadership Board.